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About PeerMet

PeerMet is an innovative, groundbreaking privacy-first reinvention of a distributed cloud storage, made possible by the latest advances in cryptography and browser technology.

PeerMet is the first P2P Network to run entirely in the browser, using the cutting-edge WebRTC DataChannel and PeerConnection browser technology.

PeerMet is the first Cloud Storage service to employ latest (available since the late 2012) advances in cryptography, allowing the practical utilization of a cryptography concept known as Private Information Retrieval.

While most cloud storage services rely on central servers for the storage of data, PeerMet is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, where central servers (vulnerable to mass surveillance programs like PRISM) are not required.

While most P2P networks could only be accessed through a special P2P client software (bringing the potential risk of infecting the user’s computer system with viruses and malware), PeerMet runs entirely inside the browser, making the PeerMet Network accessible without the installation of additional software, and as secure to use as a traditional web application.

Whenever searching for shared content in PeerMet, privacy is granted by PIR, an advanced cryptography technology, ensuring neither the query nor its results are revealed to anyone, but the originator of the query.

Communication among peers in PeerMet uses

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